“Success is never owned; it is only rent

“Success is never owned; it is only rented – and the rent is due everyday.”

People who are successful embrace the idea that the rent is due every day. They welcome the challenge. They remain humble knowing that whatever they did yesterday isn’t enough to last them forever, and they remain hungry knowing that whatever they’ve accomplished in their past shouldn’t restrict them to what new heights they can achieve in their future.

Successful people became successful by doing the work that no one else would do. They paid the price that no one else was willing to pay. And they developed the attitude that success isn’t something that is bestowed overnight – but that it’s earned over time.

So no, I’m not intimidated by them- I’m inspired by them. They are people who are on the journey just like me. They are people who know enough to know that they don’t have it all figured out.

And so instead, we take pride in, and are thankful for one more day, where we get the privilege to pay our dues.